Understanding Economic Ecosystems for Sustainable Social Development.

The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Initiative (GED) seeks to describe, analyze, and understand how economic ecosystems work around the world. We focus particular attention on understanding and supporting collaboration within innovation-oriented entrepreneurial ecosystems as a vehicle for promoting the social and economic wellbeing of local and regional economies.


GED is an affiliated research initiative of the MIT D-Lab Local Innovation Group, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. GED is founded and advised by an international team of researchers based in in Cambridge (MA, USA), Latin America and Europe.

Using the TE-SER model of economic ecosystems and Social Network Analysis, we create maps of collaboration within each ecosystem we study. These maps identify actors who fulfill each of the six key ecosystem support roles identified by the TE-SER model and describe how these actors collaborate to create value for the ecosystem.



We are working on a series of projects and research lines, in America and Europe.


GED is implemented and advised by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers based in Cambridge (MA, USA), Mexico and Europe.


We make available a variety of resources, such as publications, reports, consultation and teaching materials.


Learn about the experiences of the leaders of organizations that are driving their ecosystems.



The construction of a more equitable world is not the work of a single organization, become a part.

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